Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

June 8, 2018


Commercial kitchens are filled with different kinds of cooking and refrigeration equipment. From deck ovens to freezers, every appliance plays a vital part in the operation of your cafeteria or restaurant. If a single piece fails, it can halt your staff’s ability to make quality food for a variety of reasons. Equipment maintenance will keep your appliances in the best shape possible and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Your restaurant depends on your ability to maintain efficient cooking appliances. To prevent issues, you should have a commercial kitchen equipment maintenance schedule established. Below are 3 key benefits of Preventative Maintenance for your Commercial Kitchen Equipment.



Establishing a preventive maintenance program with your food equipment service company will help you avoid expensive repairs that result from lack of care. You may not think twice if a cooling fan seems to be running slightly louder than usual, and not everyone reacts to a gasket that is slightly torn. Having a service company perform preventative maintenance on your equipment will alert you to potential threats and failures BEFORE they happen. Condenser and Evaporator coils that aren’t being cleaned regularly will cause the compressor to overheat and work much harder than it should be, often resulting in premature compressor failure. Our PM Program is all about making necessary repairs, identifying any inconsistencies for your equipment, and performing necessary cleaning of your equipment, which allows your machines to perform at their fullest potential.



Commercial kitchen equipment is an expensive investment. Having your appliances serviced and tuned by a professional will increase the lifespan of your commercial kitchen equipment, resulting in a higher ROI (Return on Investment). Manufacturer warranty periods have been extended for major components to your equipment to 3-5 years and in some cases longer, assuming that the equipment is being taken care of and cleaned regularly. Take advantage of the extended warranties by protecting your equipment with regularly scheduled maintenance.



Many appliances within a commercial kitchen use water. These appliances are prone to limescale buildup. If your commercial kitchen equipment is not adequately cleaned and de-limed, it will not function efficiently. Drain, water inlet and distribution lines can become clogged with debris, and your equipment can develop leaks or malfunction. Burners acquire grease buildup, which compromises their efficiency and can lead to premature component failure. Consider scheduling regular preventative maintenance to keep all of your appliances running smoothly.



Whether you have 20 pieces of equipment or 200, we welcome the opportunity of creating a PM strategy that is customized to your specific needs. You can schedule maintenance with our company quarterly, bi-annually or at a frequency that best suits your environment. Besides getting more out of your equipment, there are many other benefits in joining our PM Program, such as: no overtime charges, preferred response times, warranty compliance, complete equipment service, financial histories and much more. We invite you to fill out this form to begin the process. We look forward to talking with you soon!

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