Emergency Service

Emergency Service

Having a Walk-in Freezer go down on a hot Summer day is one of the worst feelings imaginable for a kitchen manager or head chef, knowing that thousands of dollars of product will spoil and business will be lost.  Imagine not being able to provide a hot breakfast or lunch to your students because the tilt skillet won’t heat. We are here in your time of need.

A cornerstone to our company’s longevity and reliability within the food service industry is offering 24/7/365 emergency services. Outside of regular business hours, our answering service will transfer emergency service requests to an on-call technician, who is then dispatched to your location to investigate the problem and take corrective action.

Joe Warren & Sons is proud to be a leader in customer satisfaction, and we want to guarantee our clients’ peace of mind in an otherwise stressful situation. 

Consider joining our PM program, which should not only limit emergency service calls due to routine maintenance checks, but will include key benefits such as no overtime charges, prolonged equipment life and preferred response times.

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