Warranty Service

Warranty Service

JWS currently provides warranty service for 200+ manufacturers, and the list is growing! Each manufacturer has its own warranty guidelines for parts, labor and travel. Please call us and we will clearly explain the options available for your specific piece of commercial equipment.

If you are unsure who to contact to determine if your food equipment is covered under warranty, feel free to give us a call and we can discuss with you the warranty process. To determine if your unit is covered under warranty, you will either need the Serial Number for your unit (which can be found on the data tag in most cases) or the proof of purchase from your equipment dealer or vendor. If the unit is fully covered under warranty due to manufacturing defect or another flaw, you will not be responsible for any payment, however each manufacturer has a list of reasons that warranty would be voided, so be sure to visit the manufacturer’s website if you aren’t sure if your issue will be covered.

Generally, regularly cleaning your equipment (using proper materials and procedures) and using the equipment to cook or store the proper food products will ensure that the warranty is upheld for your unit. Be sure to observe that your equipment is in a proper location so that it operates in the designated temperature ranges.

Confirm that the unit has not come unplugged! Please note that the cost of warranty service calls that the factory does not cover is the direct responsibility of the end user.

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