Selecting the Right Commercial Food Equipment for Your Summer Menu

June 1, 2023

When the heat of summer arrives, it brings a great opportunity for restaurants to refresh their menus. From light salads and chilled soups to frozen desserts and refreshing beverages, summer provides an abundance of culinary possibilities. But to bring these vibrant dishes to your customers, your kitchen needs to be equipped with the right commercial food equipment.

In this blog post, we’ll share some insights on how to select the appropriate refrigeration equipment that will not only handle the demands of your summer menu but also ensure food safety, energy efficiency, and operational excellence.

1. Commercial Refrigerators: A Fresh Approach to Summer Ingredients

Summer menus often feature fresh produce, dairy, and other ingredients that need to be kept at optimum temperatures to maintain their quality. Commercial refrigerators are essential in preserving these ingredients. When selecting a refrigerator, consider your kitchen’s size and layout, the amount of ingredients you need to store, and the temperature requirements of those ingredients.

Reach-in refrigerators are great for kitchens with limited space, while walk-in refrigerators can accommodate larger quantities and are excellent for restaurants that need to store bulk ingredients.

2. Blast Chillers: For Quick Cooling and Superior Quality

Blast chillers are a fantastic addition to any commercial kitchen, especially during the summer. They rapidly cool down food, reducing the time it spends in the “danger zone” (between 40°F and 140°F) where bacteria can quickly multiply. This quick chilling not only ensures food safety but also helps maintain food quality by reducing moisture loss.

A blast chiller is particularly useful for summer menus, which often feature cold dishes and desserts. They can rapidly cool soups, custards, and other dishes, making them a time-saving and food safety-enhancing addition to your kitchen.

3. Commercial Freezers: An Essential for Frozen Treats

No summer menu is complete without a selection of ice creams, sorbets, or other frozen treats. A commercial freezer that can maintain a consistent temperature of 0°F or lower is crucial to properly store and preserve these menu items.

Consider options like under-counter freezers for convenient access during service, or chest freezers for storing larger volumes. An ice cream display freezer could also be a good investment, enticing customers with a clear view of your delicious frozen offerings.

4. Ice Machines: For Cool Beverages and Food Prep

The demand for cold beverages surges during summer, making a high-capacity, efficient ice machine an essential piece of equipment. But ice machines aren’t just for drinks. They’re also used in food preparation for items like raw seafood presentations and certain baking applications.

Look for an ice machine that can meet your peak demand. Ice machines come in a variety of types—modular, under-counter, countertop—with different ice production rates and ice types (cubed, flaked, nugget). Your choice should align with your kitchen’s needs and available space.

5. Salad and Sandwich Prep Tables: For Fresh and Fast Service

Summer menus often feature a variety of salads, sandwiches, and wraps. A salad and sandwich prep table combines an accessible refrigerated ingredient storage area with a cutting board workspace, streamlining the preparation process.

Choose a unit with sufficient pan capacity to hold all your key ingredients. They come in various sizes, so consider your menu and volume of business when making your choice.


Your summer menu deserves the support of top-notch refrigeration equipment to guarantee freshness, efficiency, and safety. By taking into consideration your kitchen’s space, needs, and summer offerings, you can select the right commercial food equipment to deliver the best culinary experiences this season.

Remember, professional advice can be invaluable in this process. Consider reaching out to our professional team with expertise in commercial kitchens. We can provide insights into the most reliable brands and latest innovations, as well as installation and maintenance services to ensure your equipment’s longevity.

Get ready to beat the summer heat with the right refrigeration equipment for your kitchen!

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