Food Equipment

The following illustrates what our certified technicians check during scheduled PM visits:


  • Correct pressure is tested where applicable.
  • Ensure unit is operating at correct temperature.
  • Inspect all door gaskets for proper seating and cleanliness.
  • Clean and adjust all main burners and pilots as needed.
  • Clean combustion compartments and venting passages as needed.
  • Leak test and lubricate all valves as needed.
  • Observe proper burner ignition and make necessary adjustments.
  • Ensure that all baffles, deflectors, firebricks and ceramics are in good operating condition.
  • Ensure proper operation of pilot safety equipment.


  • Ensure correct voltage and amperage is being utilized.
  • Repair any faulty connections.
  • Inspect condition of wire insulation.
  • Ensure correct operating cycle.
  • Lubricate where applicable.
  • Inspect conduit and electrical feeds for unusual wear and tear.


  • Ensure proper inlet pressure.
  • Inspect all steam traps for proper dumping ability.
  • Inspect all check valves.
  • Leak check all steam joints.
  • Ensure proper seating ability on all drain valves.
  • Check all gaskets and packing.
  • Inspect all water level and related gauges and controls.
  • Inspect control linkage, door latches and safety interlock devices as needed.
  • Ensure venting valves and traps for proper operation.


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